September 15, 2015

You Scored as a Climber

Foreman with a walkie talkieYou would be classified by most people as a Climber. Chances are strong that you want to achieve, but if you manage others, you’re more concerned about your own career than seeing people on your team succeed. It may not appear that way to the people above you on the org chart, but peers and subordinates are likely to feel stepped on by you.

This is important for you to know, because as long as you keep on this path, you run the risk of turning into a micromanager, pushing people beyond their limit (if it hasn’t happened already). The result will be lost productivity through minimal performance and/or passive-aggressive resistance and an accompanying loss of profitability.

In other words, things might “seem” to be going well, but the foundation on which you stand will be weak. Don’t misunderstand – you truly want a strong foundation, but you’re going about it in an inefficient, outdated manner.

If you desire to build a strong foundation and a passion-driven team, you will need to change how you interact with and value people. That is a conscious choice you will have to make. Your reputation and your future success ride on this decision.