September 22, 2015

How to Create Effective Training


Workplace learning brings tangible and intangible benefits.

You need a training program that matches your vision.

Is the training you provide merely acceptable, or is it excellent?


  1. Start by analyzing the situation.
    1. Learn how to conduct a root cause analysis.

If training is part of a solution, a task analysis is probably needed.

    1. Learn how to conduct a task analysis
  1. Answer the question, “What results do you want from the training?”
  2. Answer the question, “What behaviors get those results?”
  3. Answer the question, “What knowledge, skills, and attitudes get those behaviors?”
  4. Create a framework for your training in the form of learning objectives.
  5. Decide the best ways to train to meet those objectives.

Answer these questions:

  1. Who will be trained?
  2. What will the duration be?
  3. Where will the training occur?
  4. When will the training occur?
  5. How will you monitor results?
  1. Testing your learners – did they learn?
  2. Evaluating your training – are we getting the results we wanted?