March 22, 2016

Three Mile Canyon Farms – 5 – Finance

Before the next class, please complete these assessments:

Multiple Intellignces / Innate Motivators

In the next session we’ll be learning about Multiple Intelligences (What I call Innate Motivators).  To prep for this, complete the following TWO online assessments — Print your results and bring them with you to class.

  1. Multiple Intelligences assessment A
  2. Multiple Intelligences assessment B



LINKS and ASSIGNMENTS from Session 4

  1. A)  Keirsey Temperament Sorter / MBTI
  1. Watch the following YouTube videos:
  1. Why Bother with Personality Type(8.3 minutes)
  2. Communicating to Different Types  using the middle two spectrums  (19.3 minutes)

  3. B)  Thinking Win-Win (Habit Four)

Read this Brief Overview of Habit 4

  1. More on Think Win-Win will be posted later — watch for an email notifying you. 
  1. C)  Impromptu Speaking
  1. Watch the following YouTube videos:
  1. Organizing a Speech(5.3 minutes)
  2. Hints & Tips for How to Structure a Speech(3.9 minutes)
  3. OPTIONAL:  Speech Structure Building Method(2.6 mintues)  – a tad overpolished, but I like his build the house idea.
  4. D)  PREPs
  2. Write a PREP on something you can do better in your self- or work-management, based on what you learned in your Keirsey Sorter results.  (to review, find your style on this page and click on the “Workplace Habits” page [right side])
  1. E)  Miscellaneous

Read or re-read Chapters 10 & 11 in Creating Passion-Driven Teams.
Pay special attention to the five steps outlined in these two chapters, at least enough to where you can describe them in your own words.
You will need to be able to recite the five steps from memory.

LINKS and ASSIGNMENTS from Session 1

A)  Review the benefits of improving Emotional Intelligence (Sect 1 / pp. 1-7)

B)  Review the DISC Language Overview (Sect 1 / pp. 13 – 24).
       Complete the worksheets on pp. 16, 23, & 24

C)  Print and read Covey Handout # 1
      Complete the worksheets on Sect 1 / pp. 26 – 27

D)  Watch the following YouTube videos:

  1. Seven Habits Overview  (10 minutes)
  2. Personality v. Character (7.9 minutes)
  3. Effectiveness v. Efficiency – A  (2 minutes)
  4. Effectiveness v. Efficiency – B  (3.5 minutes)
  5. Being Proactive – Explained   (3.75 minutes)
  6. Being Proactive – Examples   (1.5 minutes)
  7. Circles of Concern, Influence, & Control – A  (3.5 minutes)
  8. Circles of Concern, Influence, & Control – B  (3 minutes)
  9. Circles of Concern, Influence, & Control – C  (4.2 minutes)

* * * * *

E)   Review the PREP instructions (Sect 1 / pp. 28-31).

a)  Write a PREP for Brushing Your Teeth
b)  Write a PREP for something else you do daily that involves nobody else.
Do these sooner rather than later

F)   Complete the Open Book Quiz for Session 1

If you have any questions, don’t hesistate to contact Daniel Bobinski
(208) 375-7606 or